Can a sleepy Japanese town become Asia’s Silicon Valley?

Always seen as Japan’s backwater, Tokushima is not where you would expect to see the opening of a special new school for tech-savvy young entrepreneurs. Located on the southern island of Shikoku, the sleepy, rural region doesn’t have a reputation for being a thriving place. But the area, which has been suffering from both anContinue reading “Can a sleepy Japanese town become Asia’s Silicon Valley?”

Back to school with a little bear and his hearing aids

Award-winning poet Raymond Antrobus found out he was deaf when he was six, while illustrator Polly Dunbar’s hearing started to go in her twenties.Can Bear Ski? is their first picture book for children and follows a little bear as he discovers he is deaf.Raymond decided to write the story after being a poet in residenceContinue reading “Back to school with a little bear and his hearing aids”

Yemen: The nine-year-old war-zone school teacher

In the city of Taiz, Yemen, hundreds of children arrive for lessons each day in the ruins of a school near to front line fighting between the government and Houthi rebels. Ahmed, a nine-year-old boy who has been blind since birth, steps in to take classes when the teachers can’t make it. One in everyContinue reading “Yemen: The nine-year-old war-zone school teacher”