Military dog tag found in River Soar reunited with Illinois family

A group of history hunters who found an old Air Force Military Dog tag in a river have reunited it with the owner’s family in the United States. The tag was discovered by Black Country-based Peaky Dippers in the River Soar, Leicestershire, and traced back to a family in Illinois. It belonged to Robert MContinue reading “Military dog tag found in River Soar reunited with Illinois family”

Sacked LGBT veterans can reclaim lost medals

Ex-military personnel dismissed from the armed forces because of their sexuality can now reclaim lost medals. Under a new scheme to remedy historical injustices, former service personnel can apply to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to restore honours. It follows Falklands veteran Joe Ousalice’s successful battle to return awards he lost after being forced outContinue reading “Sacked LGBT veterans can reclaim lost medals”