Many can stop anti-depressants without relapse

Many people who have taken anti-depressants for at least two years may be able to stop them without relapsing, but most will still need long-term treatment, a UK study suggests. Prescriptions for the drugs have more than doubled in the past 15 years because people are staying on them for much longer. But it’s notContinue reading “Many can stop anti-depressants without relapse”

Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound ‘promising’ for depression

at reducing symptoms of depression as conventional treatment, a small, early-stage study has suggested. But when it comes to actively improving people’s well-being and ability to feel pleasure, the psychedelic drug may have had a more powerful effect. Psychedelics are being studied for a range of mental-health conditions. But experts caution that this is aContinue reading “Psilocybin: Magic mushroom compound ‘promising’ for depression”

Harry to become chief impact officer at US coaching firm BetterUp

The Duke of Sussex is to become chief impact officer at the US coaching and mental health firm, BetterUp. Prince Harry said in a statement that he was “really excited” about taking on the new role. His exact duties, hours and any payment are not clear. It is his latest job move after he andContinue reading “Harry to become chief impact officer at US coaching firm BetterUp”

Psychedelic therapy could ‘reset’ depressed brain

A powerful hallucinogenic drug known for its part in shamanic rituals is being trialled as a potential cure for depression for the first time. Participants will be given the drug DMT, followed by talking therapy. It is hoped this could offer an alternative for the significant number of people who don’t respond to conventional pillsContinue reading “Psychedelic therapy could ‘reset’ depressed brain”

How Norway is offering drug-free treatment to people with psychosis

Most people with psychosis take powerful drugs to keep delusions and hallucinations at bay – but the side-effects can be severe. In Norway, a radical approach is now on offer via the national health system for patients who want to live drug-free.

Imlonely: How a YouTube music channel became a mental health hub

Among the thousands of music channels on YouTube there is one like no other. Imlonely started as a musical diary for one person but became a mental healthcommunity providing support to thousands of young people going through their toughest times.“What I’d name them actually is family,” says Hunter, of the people who follow hisImlonelyYouTube channel.Continue reading “Imlonely: How a YouTube music channel became a mental health hub”

The cartoonists making mental health their muse

Comics are not just about superheroes. Emily Oomen meets the artists shaping graphic medicine – a genre focused on the experience of living with illness. Ellen Forney was in her twenties and working as a professional cartoonist when she stumbled into the world of graphic medicine. The artist had been working for one of Seattle’sContinue reading “The cartoonists making mental health their muse”

‘Discriminatory’ mental health system overhauled

Plans have been announced to overhaul the mental health system – with the aim of making it less discriminatory towards black people. Ministers say changes to how people are sectioned in England and Wales will see them treated “as individuals, with rights, preferences, and expertise”. Black people are over four times more likely to beContinue reading “‘Discriminatory’ mental health system overhauled”