Covid: Room 46 musical emulates experiences of teenagers during lockdown

A musical showcasing the experiences of teenagers during the lockdown is to tour nationally after its Northamptonshire premiere later. Room 46 charts the changing social environment caused by the pandemic through the eyes of six young people. It will be performed and recorded at the Castle Theatre, in Wellingborough, for the first time on Thursday.Continue reading “Covid: Room 46 musical emulates experiences of teenagers during lockdown”

Why this teen set up a prize-winning fake cosmetics shop

Disturbed by reports of rising domestic violence under coronavirus lockdown, a Polish high school student decided to launch a fake online shop to offer a lifeline to victims trapped in their homes. Her idea won a European Union prize that came with €10,000 (£8,700; $12,120). “Firstly, I heard about the increase in domestic violence casesContinue reading “Why this teen set up a prize-winning fake cosmetics shop”

Covid-19: Essex boy’s lockdown art project auctioned for charity

A 12-year-old boy’s lockdown painting project featuring collaborations with 250 artists from around the world is being auctioned for charity. Noah, who has hydrocephalus, epilepsy and cerebral palsy, began painting on cardboard at home in Dedham, Essex, last March.His father posted on Instagram, asking artists to finish the pictures and the project went viral. TheContinue reading “Covid-19: Essex boy’s lockdown art project auctioned for charity”

Milton Keynes robot used for lockdown couple

An app developer used a delivery robot to propose to his partner because of their shared love for the technology. The machines usually deliver groceries and takeaways in Milton Keynes but Ben Hogan arranged for one to bring a ring to the home he shares with Sherri Dawes in Kempston on Christmas Eve.The Covid pandemicContinue reading “Milton Keynes robot used for lockdown couple”

Coronavirus: Virtual Mass tour across Ireland for 107-year-old

A 107-year-old woman from Clonard, County Meath is attempting a virtual Mass tour across Ireland while in lockdown. Nancy Stewart and granddaughter, Louise Coghlan, have been shielding together since March last year, and have set themselves the spiritual challenge.They are attending Mass services across the 32 counties on the island from the comfort of theirContinue reading “Coronavirus: Virtual Mass tour across Ireland for 107-year-old”

Covid: Old bikes given a new life for lockdown

There has been a surge in interest in the outdoors during the Covid pandemic, prompting a pair of cycling enthusiasts to breath new life into old, discardedbicycles.Beth Ward and Robin Hughes are turning unwanted bikes into electric powered cycles in Denbighshire.They hope it will help encourage new riders to get fitter, for a fraction ofContinue reading “Covid: Old bikes given a new life for lockdown”

India coronavirus: The mums who became pandemic chefs

king – and they were good at it too. But they only cooked for family and friends.But everything changed for them in March when India’s coronavirus lockdown kept them at home with more time on their hands than ever before. And cookingis how they chose to fill their days.But soon they started cooking for othersContinue reading “India coronavirus: The mums who became pandemic chefs”

Covid: The Rhondda boy who climbed a mountain carrying potatoes

People devised many ways to avoid becoming couch potatoes during lockdown.But few were as novel as actually carrying sacks of potatoes up a Rhondda mountain.Corey Williams, 10, did not stop there though – cycling up another and running up a third.His efforts raised £4,000 to buy tablet computers for patients at hospitals such as Llantrisant’sContinue reading “Covid: The Rhondda boy who climbed a mountain carrying potatoes”

Circus ring mistress ‘grateful’ for food banks

Big Kid Circus is a travelling circus that arrived in Morecambe in March 2020 and got stuck there because of the coronavirus lockdown. Unable to put onperformances, the troupe had to rely on local food banks to survive.Circus ring mistress Olympia Posirca explains what they have been doing since then to try and keep theirContinue reading “Circus ring mistress ‘grateful’ for food banks”