Covid: The Rhondda boy who climbed a mountain carrying potatoes

People devised many ways to avoid becoming couch potatoes during lockdown.But few were as novel as actually carrying sacks of potatoes up a Rhondda mountain.Corey Williams, 10, did not stop there though – cycling up another and running up a third.His efforts raised £4,000 to buy tablet computers for patients at hospitals such as Llantrisant’sContinue reading “Covid: The Rhondda boy who climbed a mountain carrying potatoes”

Circus ring mistress ‘grateful’ for food banks

Big Kid Circus is a travelling circus that arrived in Morecambe in March 2020 and got stuck there because of the coronavirus lockdown. Unable to put onperformances, the troupe had to rely on local food banks to survive.Circus ring mistress Olympia Posirca explains what they have been doing since then to try and keep theirContinue reading “Circus ring mistress ‘grateful’ for food banks”

Moscow train carriage helps rehome stray pets

Moscow has launched a train carriage on the city metro system that’s dedicated to finding new owners for stray cats and dogs.Known as the ‘Tails and Paws’ train, it has posters on board featuring dozens of animals from 13 Moscow shelters asking passengers to give them a new home.

South Korea’s 96-year-old pianist hopes to keep playing

South Korean Jegal Sam has been playing the piano for 82 years – and is still going strong.The 96-year-old has been inseparable from the instrument even since he first took it up aged 14. It gave him a career teaching which spanned more than50 years, and even saved him from conscription during the Korean war.NowContinue reading “South Korea’s 96-year-old pianist hopes to keep playing”