Covid: Old bikes given a new life for lockdown

There has been a surge in interest in the outdoors during the Covid pandemic, prompting a pair of cycling enthusiasts to breath new life into old, discarded
Beth Ward and Robin Hughes are turning unwanted bikes into electric powered cycles in Denbighshire.
They hope it will help encourage new riders to get fitter, for a fraction of the cost of a new e-bike.
The pair have now been hailed as “low carbon heroes” by the Welsh Government.
The two have set out to convert as many bikes as they can under the umbrella of their social enterprise business, called Drosi Bikes in Ruthin.
A play on the Welsh word trosi, for convert, the pair will even carry out the e-bike conversions at cost price – all people have to do is supply the bike.
Their inspiration was a four-month cycling holiday in Turkey.

Published by charlesghose

Charles Ghose graduated the University Of Greenwich London with a BA in Communications and Media. His university life was very enriched by his very active participation in various University societies. Charles ran the gamut of campus student communities; he was involved with the Politics and Debate Societies, Students Union, and University Of Greenwich Choir, and chamber choir. Charles Ghose acts as an independent contractor working in the very lucrative Freelance Translator Field. He has been hired by various International Humanitarian NGO's, private corporations, and The Overseas Fellowship Mission. Charles has also lead workshops for employers on the theme of mindfulness training courses for the improvement of employee’s health and well-being. Charles is a strong believer that a happy work force adds to higher productivity and loyalty to a company by employees.

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